How can I invest my money?

Many people are concerned with this question. Common investment types as savings accounts or government loans do not bring the desired profit, by the way, these supposed to be safe types are not safe anymore.


Land and real estate property has become a type of solid investment.

Investment apartments of different types offer a real profit at manageable risk. Small rooms of 30-60m² with the smart ground plan and connections are of a good long-term rent demand in the cities with steadily growing people inflow. Such city is Vienna. However, in other state capitals as Bregenz the demand on small apartments in the city centre is extremely large.


Investments in the long-term rent apartments

Especially risk-averse investors can find an investment apartment for the long-term rent. Very reasonable prices, profit in average of 1-3% with the high potential of its increase describe this real estate investment.


Real estate and investments

For the experienced investors on the real estate market we can offer the contribution of 100.000 Euros in the project. The risk is proportionally higher, the expected profit is between 40% from the investment by the end of 3-4 years.

Emotions must not play a big role by the investment decision taking. The apartment must not always look beautiful to bring profit. Real estate investments are solid and at the same time exciting. Take your time and think about real estate investments. We are looking forward to your inquiry.