Assisting in the purchase of your apartments.

The frequently asked question at the purchase of apartments:

  • What needs do I have? (a house, an apartment, an investment property, an office, a store, a garage,…)
  • How much money do I have at my disposal? (own money, bank financing, sponsorship,…)
  • What are my personal requirements? (location, size, type of real estate property, long term or short term,…)
  • When do I intend to buy? (fixed date or uncertain time limits?)


We consult you on all these questions:

  • We inform you about the prices, locations, quality and infrastructure.
  • We will find a suitable real estate property for you and discuss the price.
  • We consult you on the financial questions and contact you with the authorized and trustworthy bank partner.


We define our services clearly and give the certain price for them.