Assistance in the sale of your apartments.

The frequently asked question at the sale of apartments:

  • What price can I get for my apartment? (market evaluation, location, supply,….)
  • How can I advertise my apartment? (Internet, newspaper, leaflet, poster, posting,… )
  • How long will it last till I can sale my apartment? (What costs are connected with it?)
  • What do I invest in the sale of my apartment? (time, money,…)
  • How can I conduct a sale of my apartment? (tax, legal, under the terms of legislation,….)


We support and consult you:

  • Real price estimation and determination of the negotiation range
  • We take the advertisement and determine a marketing strategy considering all costs and expenses.
  • We inform you personally in the written form.
  • Our qualified specialists will help to solve any problem (attorneys, lawyers, managers and real estate agents).
  • We lead you through the purchase process.
  • We determine our compensation in advance and fix it clearly and fair in the written form.